La Figarède

Located barely 3 km from the previous one on the upper reaches of Cazevieille, this new estate lies in 260 hectares of forest land with holm oaks, arbutus and juniper bushes, interspersed with areas of scrubland.

The place contains gems we were keen to renovate professionally using traditional methods: a chapel, a former presbytery, and the remains of some old dry-stone buildings. For two years, craftsmen from the Compagnons du Devoir guild – carpenters, sculptors, stonecutters and joiners – gradually restored life to the old stones, rehabilitating and transforming ancient buildings that now have a new purpose.

But this respect for authenticity in no way prohibits the modernity necessary for working in the present day, or our taste for contemporary art.

260 hectares
La Figarède
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La Chouette du Chai lies in the municipality of Cazevieille, sometimes called Cazevieille-Pic-Saint-Loup. Le Pic-Saint-Loup is also part of the municipality. It is an Occitan village lying north-west of Montpellier, not far from Saint-Mathieu de Treviers and Saint-Jean-de-Cuculles.


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La Chouette du Chai,La Figarède,34270 Cazevieille

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