Naturally generous

Lying on the southern flank of Le Pic Saint Loup, the 260-hectare estate consists of forests of oaks, arbutus and juniper bushes interspersed with scrubland containing rockroses, mastic trees and gorse: all conducive to the maintenance and development of crop auxiliaries.

Retained by Le Pic Saint Loup and the first foothills of the Cévennes, the moisture-laden ocean breezes ensure higher rainfall than in the rest of the area, and cool nights alternating with very hot days during the maturing period of the grapes. .

La Chouette du Chai boasts two types of soil. In La Combe de Mortiès, the 13-hectare vineyard flourishes on chalky limestone Lias dating from the Jurassic period.

Lying at a considerably higher altitude, the terroir of La Figarède had never had vines growing in it, so the land was explored, analysed and cleared. Here the soil is younger, consisting of Inferior Oolite limestone (Cazevieille plateau).

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