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The winegrowing chapter of the estate’s tale began in 2014. Its previous history tells of virgin territory only visited last century by shepherds coming to graze their flocks. The winding road leading to it seems lost in the wild countryside of Le Pic-Saint-Loup: a seamless blend of vegetable and mineral. Visitors to the area are struck by the contrast between this untamed scenery and the domesticated vineyard. It seems like the end of the world. Some will tell you that the place has a kind of magnetic attraction.

A singular identity

The young estate in the locality of La Figarède needed a new name. So Sylvie decided to hold a family brainstorming session to decide on the estate’s “trademark”. After a plethora of suggestions, Sylvie’s totem animal, the owl, finally came out the winner. Unobtrusive, mischievous, intuitive and clear-sighted, this beautiful, sometimes solitary bird can see in the dark and is even credited with magical powers… And thus La Chouette du Chai (“The Owl of the Winehouse”) came into being.

La Figarède

A unique estate, which became ``La Chouette du Chai``

Key dates

Our background


Domain acquisition



La Chouette du Chai's first grape harvests and cuvées



Building renovations (2015-2017)



Clearing; first cuttings planted



The cellar gains a stained-glass window by artist Michel Soubeyrand



New cuttings planted; grafts


And the best is yet to come…

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