La Chouette du Chai

A sustainable vineyard

The aim of this organic and biodynamic commitment is to preserve the delicate life balance of our soils and thus enable the fruit to draw vitality from it. Our work is guided by nature and the climate: “We observe and adapt to each situation, each vine variety, each plot. Our idea is to foster the natural struggle between species, and thus do no harm to the ecosystem. We use no fertilisers that would disturb the soil; only shredded lumber is spread between the rows, like a natural response from the plant life to its terroir. A biodynamic approach means that we can optimise microbiological activity and foster the breakdown of mineral substances that nourish the root system.

An alliance between man and the earth

From the vine to the glass

The grapes are picked by hand, and the harvest is meticulously sorted, stemmed and pressed. The vinification process is carried out separately with each plot, and the slow transformation into wine is monitored from day to day. This is when the new vintage is discovered, with its particular qualities and characteristics.
«This natural process should be overseen with as little interference as possible. It’s a kind of chrysalis period. The caterpillar turns into a butterfly in the darkness of the cellar»
, says cellar master Olivier.

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